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Comprehensive Disclaimer

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That the medications supplied by and its owner pharmacy are for personal use of the buyer, not for commercial or importation by mail and is not for a re-sale and that the buyer is purchasing the ordered Generic Anti-Cancer drugs because it is unavailable in their country.

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That and its owner pharmacy does not intend to use the trade-mark of the mentioned International Brand named drugs because the web-site is not selling or offering to sell any mentioned International Brand named drugs to its prospective buyers and it is only sharing the existing knowledge and information which is already in public domain and this has no relation whatsoever to any misuse of mentioned trade marks or International Brand Names. That unless otherwise specifically mentioned to be an International Brand Drug, all drugs being sold or offered to be sold by and its owner pharmacy are Generic medications which are approved by the relevant Regulatory Authority of the country of dispatch / manufacture and will be shipped on the orders of and its owner pharmacy as the brand of any manufacturing company having a WHO-GMP certification.

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General Disclaimer

The Brand names mentioned on this site are for the reference of the Generic Medicines only and is an offer to sell a medicine of that brand name only when expressly indicated so ; the mention of the brand name in any case is not a claim on any patent / trade-mark held by that brand name products manufacturer / patent-holder.

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Any information provided on or the links thru this site should not be used for self-diagnosis or treatment of a disease condition. Site visitors are advised to consult their physician or other specialized healthcare professionals before ordering to adopt any treatment.

For all the medications mentioned or indicated on, the buyers should read carefully all the medicine details as on the links provided on the individual medicine page or any other additional sources as in the information of the buyer.

The word Cure in the domain name of this site is a general word meaning a method or course of medical treatment used to restore health ; it is not intended to explicitly or implicitly present or propose or claim that the medicines sold are a guaranteed treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease or disease condition or indication for which prescribed. No substance, natural or drug, is a guarantee of similar safety and efficacy in everyone; the reason for this is that everyone is biologically unique and the judgement of a Physician should prevail over a self-decision.

Information presented on is general in nature and is not meant to substitute the advice given by prescribing professionals. No information on this website should be treated as a medical or health advice overruling the Physicians recommendations. No statements on should to be understood as a prescription on how to treat any particular disease condition or select any alternate medical product for the same.

If you have or are under the impression of having a medical condition, promptly contact a health care professional. Do not disregard professional medical recommendation or make any delay in taking a professional advice on the basis of any material written on or on the links provided thru this site. Information given on and the order or use by you of any medicine / drug offered for sale on DOES NOT create a physician -patient relationship between the buyer and the site / site owners / site managers.

Information , statements and indent offers regarding any of the offered Anti-Cancer drugs should be got evaluated by your physician ; do not buy anything recommended or sold on this web site or from anywhere, without the supervision and informed consent of a licensed medical doctor.


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