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Generic Vesanoid Tretinoin
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Generic Drugs for the Brand Vesanoid
International Generic Medicine Name : Tretinoin
International Reference Brand Name* : Vesanoid

All Available Preparations for the Generic Drug  Tretinoin:
Tretinoin 10 mg
Capsules (Brand VESANOID)
Pack Size Price / Pack Price / Unit Great Discounts
on the MP*
100 capsules USD 333 USD 3.33 *Minimum Pack
Minimum Price
200 capsules USD 656 USD 3.28 SAVE 2 % on the MP
400 capsules USD 1299 USD 3.25 SAVE 2 % on the MP
800 capsules USD 2572 USD 3.22 SAVE 3 % on the MP
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Patient Information for the Generic Anti - Cancer Drug Tretinoin
Prescribed For :
The actual Generic Drug and Base Medicine TRETINOIN is sold internationally under the most common marketing brand VESANOID.

Generic of Brand Vesanoid as TRETINOIN and its various strengths & dosage form preparations is used with other medications (e.g., chemotherapy) to treat a certain type of cancer of the white blood cells (APL-acute promyelocytic leukemia). APL is a disease of too many white blood cells that do not mature or function properly. Generic Vesanoid - Tretinoin is used to lessen the signs and severity of this disease (induce remission). Further treatment after remission will be determined by your doctor. Generic Vesanoid - Tretinoin works by promoting the growth of normal, mature cells in the bone marrow and blood. Generic Vesanoid - Tretinoin helps to reverse symptoms of APL such as infections, tiredness, and bleeding. Generic Vesanoid - Tretinoin is related to vitamin A. Generic Vesanoid - Tretinoin may also be used for other purposes as advised by a prescribing physician.

Storage Conditions :
Store at room temperature 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F). Do not refrigerate. Protect from sunlight and moisture. Keep out of reach of children and away from pets.
Read detailed Medication Guide :
(Description of the Drug Product, Approved Indications, Prescribed Dosage , Drug Interactions, Side Effects, Statutory Warnings & Precautions , Overdose & Contraindications , Pharmacological Action etc. )
Disclaimer : offers for your online purchase the following Anti Cancer Generic drugs and medications which are in some way prescribed for, or used in the treatment of some common types of Cancer. The Generic Cancer Drugs offered and the medical details should be used only as a supplement and not as a substitute for the expert knowledge and judgment of your medicines prescribing physician. Your selection of the Generic Drugs on this site is under your express acceptance that the same has been informed to your prescribing physician for relevance to your disease condition and all orders are made under his / her Informed Consent.

The Generic Drugs offered on are Licensed for manufacture by the concerned country’s FDA Authorities after due evaluation of its safety and efficacy BioEquivalence with the Brand medicines. In some cases the Generic Drugs have been developed in strengths and dosage forms additional to the Brand medicine label claims and are typically approved by one or more of the following agencies :

Therapeutic-Goods-Administration, Australia
Health-Canada, Canada
Central-Drug-Standard-Control-Organisation, India
Ministry-of-Health, Israel
Ministry-of-Health-&-Quality-of-Life, Mauritius
Medsafe, New Zealand
Health-Science-Authority, Singapore
Medicines-Control-Council, South Africa
Directorate-of-Pharmaceuticals-and-Pharmacy, Turkey
Food-and-Drug-Administration, US
Medicines-Control-Agency, UK

* the International Brand Name Oncology Drugs and/or Images/Logos may be used for reference purposes of the actual Anti-Cancer medicinal ingredient only. All drugs sold on this site are the exact Bio-equivalent Anti-Cancer Generics of the Branded Drugs. Specific mention is made for all Cancer Treatment drugs sold with the International brand names and of the same manufacturing company.